Monday, 11 May 2015

Oily Skin Prone

I suffer from very oily skin, especially around the T-zone area which includes my nose, upper lip, chin. My eyelids also intend to produce oil for some reason. So here are some products i use to help prevent and tone down the oil.

1) Chanel Perfection Lumiere - I use the shade 50 Beige, this foundation is really god for my skin it absorbs the oil, not completely but it does a good job. Its great coverage, doesn't dry my skin  still gives it moisture and a dewy glowy look. Also it has a really nice scent, like all chanel products have, i was a bit hesitant about that because of the chemicals but i haven't had any problems with it

2) This Les Beiges powder is great on my skin i use the shade 30 . I wear it with my foundation and without it gives my skin a really nice glow and soaks up all the oil on my skin. However, i do have to reapply at least twice, but I'm not complaining. 

3) Ok, this is god sent for oily skin! I originally brought this product to even out my skin tone and tighten my pores, you're suppose to use this before you sleep. However, i started using it on a daily basis and noticed my skin was not getting oily AT ALL! The gel like substance tightened my pores, so there was no oil oozing out, which also prevents break outs. I highly recommend this to anyone with oily skin it lasts literally hours! and you only have to use a small out.

4) I got the makeup setting spray as a free sample when i purchased my naked palette 2. This is really great when you want your make up to last all day or feel like your makeup slips off because of the oily skin. My makeup does not budge at all when i wear this, theres no creases or transfer of eyeliner/eyepencil. I spray this a few inches away from my face in a X motion.

5) Vichy Dermablend is a great brand. I brought this translucent powder because its great for oily skin as it has no colour and its loose so it picks up oil better than a compact powder. Also its great for buffing into your skin to make it look like its photoshopped. I always set my make up with this.

6) Light moisturisers are obviously a good idea if you have oily skin because you still need to hydrate your skin. This product does the job without making your skin greasy and heavy. 

7) If you have oily eyelids and your eyeliner smudges and your eyeshadow creases this is the product you need. It completely mattifies the area, its looks like a beige-ey colour on my hand but it completely disappears into your skin. Also the eyeshadows look more pigmented. I use the original shade.

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