Friday, 5 June 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Clay Mask, Magic Cream & The Retoucher Concealer

I am falling in love with Charlotte Tilbury products, they have been so kind to my skin and just make me feel and look so good. 

So the mask is supposed to give you luminous glowing skin, it claims to tighten, brighten, smooth and lift your pores and leave you with ''baby skin''. Charlotte uses this mask for all her celebrities and asks them to apply the mask every night three days before the big day. You're supposed to leave the product on for 10-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and splash your face with cold water to tighten the pores. It is made with Spanish clay, as Charlotte was born in Ibiza she grew up using this clay, it also contains Rosehip oil to nourish the skin and BioNymph Peptide Complex which boots collagen in the skin to leave it looking fresh and plump.

I had seen YouTube videos on the Charlotte Tilbury channel and the product did look amazing. But i had to try it out for myself, i went into Selfridges and one of the beauty assistants at CT put the Mask on the back of my hand for literally 10-15 seconds and wiped it off. I literally saw the difference, my right hand was much brighter than my left. (no exaggeration). So i purchased it for £45... is it worth it?

Yes! Its most definitely worth the money, as it gives you the results within 10 minutes which you would get from a 45 minute facial. It doesn't leave you with baby skin of course, but after using it my skin was definitely brighter, my pores were A LOT smaller and tighter so my face was not as oily. And it did leave my skin feeling smooth. I'm not the biggest fan of the smell, it smells like jasmine, but that's the only complaint i have. 

I was looking for a concealer to even out my skin out as i have some discolouration. The beauty assistant at CT suggested the 4 shade for me. This colour of this matches my skin like they literally sat me down and made the product just for me. It is exactly my skin colour, which is great to use over any blemishes, marks, dark circles etc and it blends into your face beautifully it doesnt crease or sit in your pores. For £25 i think the product is great, it doesn't look cakey, its very light. 

I think i might purchase another one two shades lighter to use as a highlighter. Sorry bank account! :(

So i got samples for the Magic Cream, (always get samples, samples are great), because i am not going to spend £70 on a cream unless its made from gold. The cream is supposed to rejuvenate the skin, plump the skin, hydrate, reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin. So i applied the cream after cleansing my face, it did leave a glow to my skin but made my skin feel really oily. I have very oily skin and it did not help putting this on, i was constantly powdering my face. However, if you have dry skin this is a great product for you. 

I don't think i need to purchase this if i have the mask, its not the best for oily skin. I will be purchasing the CT wonder glow primer and the supermodel body next. So watch out for that one.


  1. Always good when something is worth the money, Charlotte Tilbury makeup is so nice! x

    1. It definitely is! Thank you for reading <3 x